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About Michelle

" One of my intention as doula is to mother the mother and enable the parents to have the most satisfying and empowered time they can through this important journey of giving birth "

Know This First

My Doula journey started

when I was pregnant

I realised how much conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first two years can affect a child’s physical and mental wellbeing for life. Therefore, it was important for me to give my baby a gentle start but also to honour my transition into motherhood.

My Journey

I am originally from Brazil but lived in the UK for over 12 years before moving to the Netherlands. I am now a Doula for the English and Portugues speaking communities in North Holland.

I began my motherhood journey with a lot of research, reading books and attending pregnancy related classes. Additionally, I took part in different ritual ceremonies to support and enable me to transform my fears and heal my inner child wounds before Kauan’s arrival. I worked with my womb to make more space for the beautiful soul that I was carrying and I did everything that was in my power to have a more conscious, natural and drug free childbirth. Every step I took from conception to postpartum helped me to prepare myself to become the mother that I am today.

During my labor and delivery, my partner, my doula and midwife showed me the power of holding a sacred space. I felt safe, loved and allowed to embrace the wisdom of my own body. I had a voice and felt empowered during this process. I was so profoundly impacted by my birthing experience that I wanted to share my story and processes with others. That is why I am here today.

After the birth of Kauan, I completed Doula training because I believe that all women and babies deserve to experience the beauty of birthing in the most relaxed and authentic way as possible. Our first blueprint begins during this period (conception, pregnancy and childbirth). So, why not contribute to shaping a healthier generation of Human beings? I knew that my path was forever changed and now my mission is to support mothers and babies to experience this transition in the most positive and respectful way possible.

My purpose as a Doula

Is to hold a sacred space for you, so you and your baby can trust and feel safe during this natural process that is – Giving Birth!

My goal is to serve you (and your partner) with personalised attention and give my full presence, love and energy. My intention is to give the support that you need to connect with the wisdom of your body and help you to be the main creator of your birth story.

To me, birth is a sacred rite of passage.That is why I am here to help women to reclaim their power and to give emotional, physical and spiritual support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

Let’s explore your options and birth wishes together during this beautiful process of becoming a mother!

Birth Matters. You matter. Your baby matters.