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Pregnancy Massage in Heerhugowaard & Alkmaar

Reset you mind, relax your body and improve your wellbeing during your pregnancy journey

  • Reduce pain & discomfort
  • Relieves mental & physical fatigue
  • Re-set your nervous system & hormones
  • Supports mother and baby connection

“It was just what I needed”

I highly recommend the prenatal massage from Michelle. She is lovely, warm and welcoming. I felt safe and relaxed during our session and her hands worked magic on my legs. I loved that she finished my prenatal massage with a 10 min Reiki. It was just what I needed!

Allow me to introduce myself

about Michelle Paz

Hi, I’m Michelle, lovely to meet you!

If you let me take care of you…

I will tailor my prenatal massage technique to your specific needs, to give you the opportunity to recharge your beautiful pregnant body.

Why get a Pregnancy Massage?

Carrying a baby can be exciting but also brings a lot discomfort for the mother to be. As your pregnant body and mind goes through a dramatic change, it is important to take care of your entirely wellbeing.

A pregnancy massage is a relaxing way to bring you back home in your birthing body and help you to connect with your baby.

If you live in Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard or surrounding areas, I can come to your home and give you a partial or full body prenatal massage so that you feel more supported physically, emotionally and energetically.

Pregnancy massage is offered in a side lying position with the use of pillows for optimal comfort. If desired, aromatherapy oils and music can also be added to set the mood and enhance deep relaxation.

And the good news, you can receive prenatal massage during you whole pregnancy.

You deserve to treat yourself because your body matters, you baby matters and your pregnancy journey matters.

You can enjoy your prenatal massage in the comfort of your own home in Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard and surroundings. Or enjoy it at my house in Heerhugowaard where a hot cup of tea will be waiting for you.

“I felt back home in my body”

My hormones were all over the place and I felt this emotional roller-coaster. Michelle did her magic and guided me back home in my body.

How Would it Feel?

If you…

  • Have less body pain and swelling;
  • Feel more relaxed with less anxiety;
  • Have more energy;
  • Feel more grounded in your pregnant body;
  • Get more grip on your hormones;
  • Increase blood flow and circulation;
  • Experience deeper sleep.

These are just a few advantages my customers shared with me. Do you want to have a similar experience?

Do you want to relieve body aches and mental stress during your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home? Michelle Paz
Holistic Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Pricing & Services

Partial Body Pregnancy Massage

You choose one of the following areas to focus on:

  • Belly and Breast
  • Face and neck
  • Face and neck

Time: 30 min
Price: € 37,-

Travel costs may apply depending on your location.

Full Body Pregnancy Massage

I will give you a full body massage from head to toes. This will bring more benefits for you, resulting in deeper relaxation, pain relief and re-energize your whole body.

Time: 60 min
Price: € 65,-

Travel costs may apply depending on your location.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between a prenatal and regular massage?

The main difference is that the prenatal massage is NOT a deep tissue massage. It is more relaxing and gentle than the regular massages. Focusing on long sweeping strokes complimented with the use of oils. Another important difference is that the pregnant mother is massaged on the side-lying position, and not on her stomach or back as this is not comfortable during pregnancy.

Is it safe to get massages while being pregnant?

Generally Yes! It is not harmful for the mother or baby. However, there are some pressure points in the body that should be avoided. Also there are some contra-indications such as thrombosis, pre-eclampsia, epilepsy, and others. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition.

Can I receive a massage during my whole pregnancy?

You can be massaged during your entire pregnancy but again better to ask your health care provider first.


Pregnancy Massage in Heerhugowaard & Alkmaar

Reset your mind, relax your body and improve your wellbeing during pregnancy.

  • Reduce pain & discomfort
  • Relieves mental & physical fatigue
  • Supports mother and baby connection
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