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Sacred Pregnancy Circles

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. Osho

Know This First

Honouring the mother,

Celebrating the journey,

Empowering each other,

Creating a sacred pregnancy and birth!

The Journey

The journey of woman to become a mother is a sacred rite of passage.

Each of us have a unique transformative experience. As we preparing for a new life, our body, mind and spirit goes through a awakening process.This sacred window of pregnancy, birth and motherhood are an invitation to go inside of yourslef to meet the light and the shadow parts that we have carried for years. It is an opportunity to explore our expectations, beliefs, and remind ourselves of who we are as women.
When I was pregnant, I missed that deeper spiritual discussion with other women that was on a similar path. I wanted to go a bit deeper than my pregnancy symptoms and the changes in my body.
I knew that by going inwards I could find my true self. Embrace my own intuition to empower me to become the mother that I wanted to be. In this path, I could discover my own voice and authenticity in the process of becoming a mother.
Because of this, I decided to create this sacred pregnancy circles as I feel deeply called to support and hold space for the new mothers to be.
By bringing women together, we can make magic! We can share experiences, tears, laughs and empower each other as we connect deeper with our wombs and heart.

About the Sacred Pregnancy Circles

This is a monthly online event and we welcome all pregnant & TTC women anywhere in the world to be part of this gathering!

In this circle, new mothers to be have the opportunity to support each other and re-connect with their feminine essence to embrace, honour and celebrate motherhood.
Every month we will dive into a pregnancy-related theme, which we will talk about and share in a safe and respectful space.
Here you can be vulnerable, relax, be yourself completely and experience the healing power of being together with other women.
Together we will go in this transformative journey to discover our own intuition, self-limitations and authenticity.

*Energy exchange for this circle is a minimum of €10, €15 or €20 ( feel the call - How much would you like it to contribute with?).

Come and be part of this tribe! Feel empowered and ready to birth and welcome your baby into this world.

What you need for this circle:

  • Your loving self and energy
  • Paper, colour pens or a notepad
  • A quiet place
  • Your favourite tea or water
  • A tealight candle or any candle
  • Crystals and flowers are very welcome but not necessarily

We will be covering topics on:

  • Birth Art
  • Birth From Within
  • Empowerment and Self-development
  • Conscious Conception and Pregnancy
  • Sacred Sexuality and Birth
  • Reclaiming Post Partum Care
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Rebozo
  • Hypnobirthing
  • + And more

I am grateful to be here and to facilitate this sacred work. Come and join us in this beautiful oxytocin-packed evening, created for you and your baby.

Booking is essential for these circles and the meeting link will be shared via email.

'' Keepers of the womb, Daughters of the Moon
Woman, I know you sing
Carriers of Life, it's our time to RISE
Woman, come sing with me "'

Amber Lily


Your Body
Your Baby
Your Story

Let's Connect

As an extension of the monthly Sacred Pregnancy Circle, we have a private facebook group to continue supporting each other during this journey.
Be part of this tribe to connect deeply with yourself, your baby, your womb and other women.

Private Facebook Group